Trends following World Fashion Day 2021

World Fashion Day, August 21 around vernal equinox annually, promises an exhilarating day in celebration of the glory, spirit and art of fashion! And oh, yes, I stand by what I said, we’re fashion freaks. We’re born brilliant, born ingenious and a little mad. As Artie would say, “‘normal’ is the cruel-est insults of them all.”

This day basically celebrates the field of fashion and spreads awareness regarding its significance in our day-to-day lives. Over the years, the fashion industry has brought forth quite a slew of fashion sensibilities that we never knew one could possess. The idea of dressing up oneself in a certain way with a specific kind of fabric is a process that has taken a lot of time to be curated. The idea of bringing forth a form of art and celebrate it is certainly something interesting. 

You could be forgiven for thinking that the spring and summer of 2021 collections were something of a hassle. Certainly, thanks to the ongoing pandemic, it was a season like no other. But they did not say fashion never rests for no reason so, here are some top trends that would never cease to go out of style, especially in 2021!  

Monochrome Magic:

The black and white color is a no-brainer. When in doubt, choose black and white as there’s no pairing as classic as white button down and black pants. A true ode to the minimalism of black, white, and shades of beige is what this season is about.

Hoodies under Blazer:

One of the most popular styles rocking the current fashion trends is the ever-so cozy hoodie – however, worn with a twist. 

Wearing a blazer with a hoodie is no longer just another street style cut, but a mainstream look that transcends generations. Wearing a quarantine staple-piece hoodie under a blazer adds an extra stylistic layer to your overall look.

Bubblegum pink:

I love a pop of colour now and then, and I’m excited that bold, bubblegum pink that’s making its way into our wardrobes for spring. It makes a powerful statement and looks chic when paired with neutrals such as grey and camel.

Back in 2017, you couldn’t walk into a shop without seeing millennial pink, well, everywhere. It was the colour to invest in, loved by style celebrities, sticking around until late last year from clothes to homeware.

However, the upcoming season was already signalling a new pink shade in town: bubblegum pink.

Brighter than the soft, millennial colour, it’s punchy, bold, and vibrant – precisely what your wardrobe calls for after, what feels like a lifetime in loungewear through multiple lockdowns.

It’s a departure from the neutrals that have been commanding our closets for the past few seasons, but it’s a dose of fun that I’m ready to welcome into my wardrobe and so would you.

Nithyashree Krishnan
2nd Year, B.Des. Fashion Design

Lubaina Surury
2nd Year, B. Des. Fashion Communication
Shalini Mohanty
Assistant Professor, ASFDT

Pravara Kanekar
2nd Year, B.Des. Fashion Communication
Sushmita Mandal
2nd Year, B.Des. Fashion Design


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