Dive Deep into Fascinating Fashion Fusion.

When defining a style, is modern too sleek? Is traditional too stodgy? The borderline style maybe “transitional”. 

Gone are the days of wearing traditional ensembles like the Saree, the Patiala, the Kurtas and Kurtis, the Mundus and the Dhotis and all the other traditional dresses.

Thanks to Indian designers like Gaurav Gupta, Ritu Kumar, Masaba Gupta, etc. , the otherwise simple and traditional outfits have taken a contemporary turn. The amalgamation of traditional with contemporary, has given us so much more to experiment to create a mix of Indian and western wear celebrating the best of both worlds.

Now, sarees aren’t just restricted to typical functions or office wear, because you can mix and match different pieces and elements together to go from a formal day look at work to a head-turner night look for an event.

Draping a saree in a very Grecian way- traditional value draped in modernity, adding a belt at the waist and a blazer for a morning look. For the night look you can ditch the jacket and show off your curves, accessorise and wear a good pair of stilettos because nothing speaks grace like a saree. Similarly, the otherwise normal kurtas and kurtis and the patialas have become even more versatile than they already were.

Image source – Pinterest

Currently, kurtas with slits are taking over the crowd. These kurtas can be paired with cigarette pants, palazzos, denims, ripped jeans, denim shorts, skirts etc.

For the boys, something as simple and subtle as the kurta pajama can be amplified within seconds by adding a nice leather or biker jacket instead of the pass Nehru jacket. A dhoti can be worn with a blazer to bring out the classy yet down-to-earth traditional person within you.

The lungi or mundus can be worn with checkered or flannel shirt or with a jacket and some statement boots.

Image source – Pinterest

So, there’s not a lot to work with and around when it comes to dressing up in an Indo-western outfit, the looks flow together as one spectacularly. These two styles, so beautiful in their own way, fit perfectly together, bringing out the best features of both. This segment is showing fast growth within the market and surely has a huge potential ahead. It is seen as traditional, trendy, fashionable, bold yet not too western which perfectly matches the sensibility of the Indian culture.

Anushka Patil
1st Year, Fashion Design

Dona Ajay
2nd Year, Fashion Design
Shalini Mohanty
Assistant Professor, ASFDT

Graphic Designer:
Lavanya Murali
3rd Year, Fashion Design


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