What We Do When It’s Design Week

We look for design inspirations and meet design gurus like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, of course!

All about Luxury Art & Decor, it was indeed a great fortune for the students of Amity School of Fashion & Design Technology to attend the AD Design Show on the 18th of October 2019. A design fair of international standards, both Indian and International Brands showcased their furniture and art as a visually meal for attendees and exhibitors alike, creating new standards in aesthetic display in India.

Let’s see some of the iconic displays together, and while we are at it, enjoy some of the doodles we created on the pictures!

The students saw the thriving pottery of Kutch that dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization.Vessels like badham for drinking water, maati for churning buttermilk, patar for kneading dough were being made and hand-painted artistically, after which the vessel was covered in a colourful knitted rope. There were kaarigars (Hindi, for craftsmen) from the design studio in Talianna making intricate embroidery done live by Nasiruddin Mollha and Khurshid Alam. The traditional craftsmanship made was a love at first sight and piqued the viewers’ interest in Indian Textiles as they were achieved by using only a needle and thread, all thanks to the designer Peter d’ascoli. We also got to see Gyaser, a Tibetan word for exquisite silk brocade fabrics, that were handwoven on pit looms using zari made of 98.5 % silver and plated with 24 carat gold. This was demonstrated by Chottey Lal and Pakhendu Baheliya. Heirloom Naga is a textile studio in which Chilo Koza and Zuthiu work. They take inspiration from Chakhesang tribe of Nagaland and weave patterns that are classic and show diversity of textile designs in Naga society.

In Alborg’s booth, there were beautifully sculpted miniature statues which were contemporary with  unique style and decor. In Apparao Galleries, the artists were able to intrigue and depict a thought provoking message through the art. The showcase of hands on the wall showed the concept of Shunya that symbolized the real balance between diverging tendencies. At the ceiling was a rotating moon sculpture that fascinated everyone with its sheer brilliance. In Phillips Antique’s booth the students got to see a mix of ancient religion symbolic sculptures that were colourful, bold and filled with precious treasures of timeline. The Woodfeather brand by Akshay Sharma was handcrafted with care showcasing stylish wooden propellers having a quirky and amusing side to it. Arnaya showcased interesting pieces of furniture and an exclusive interior designs in collaboration with Gauri Khan. The vibrant, colourful artistic rugs of Jaipur depicted rich heritage of Jaipur in balance with contemporary art. The cleverly made artwork in Nature Morte’s Booth talked about Nature sliding down through the cracks symbolizing how the thinking of the modern world would not save us from nature itself causing nature to flow in a downward direction. The brand Carpet Cellar had abstract, playful and fascinating carpets displayed in a creative and amusing manner. 

Students of Amity School of Fashion & Design Technology With Sabyasachi Mukherjee

The most memorable event of this day for the students was getting  the opportunity to meet and interact with the talented Designer Sabyasachi who welcomed them wholeheartedly. The whole event was enlightening and showed them different forms of art expressed in a meaningful, colourful and alluring manner.

Header Image Credits:
@vectorpouch on Freepik.com

Written by:
Dimple Sampat
4th Year, Fashion Design

Graphic Designer:
Bhavya Thakur
4th Year, Fashion Design

Pearl Sebastian
4th Year, Fashion Design
Shalini Mohanty
Faculty, Fashion Design


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