Webinar: Creating Correspondence within Textile Culture

The act of sewing is a process of repair.”

What is thriving with increasing globalisation is the Textile industry. Traditionally, textiles have been an integral segment of human values and material culture.

Studying this field is an engrossing experience, and the students of Amity University, Mumbai had absolute glee witnessing this two-hour webinar on 9th of March 2021 about “Textile Industry and It’s Dynamics”. The spokesman was, the erudite, Mr. Raja M. Shanmugam, The president of Tirupur Exporters Association, Chief Mentor at NIFT – TEA Knitwear Fashion Industry and Founder of Confederation of Indian Industry.

The session answered many captivating questions like how the textile and clothing industry is influenced by the economic downswing. The session also explained the theory behind international contraction of consumption and the cost of inflationary inputs. Apart from the aforthmentioned, the key speaker also expounded the concept of sustainability and his interpretation on measures that shall make sustainability a practice for long run and initiatives to stay committed in future.

The webinar was concluded with an inquisitive discussion. Sir Shanmugam insightfully answered questions relating to the current situation of the pandemic, online shopping, the choice of natural fabric over synthetic ones and so on. The webinar was an absolute food for thought that acknowledged many subjects of the textile field that entranced even the faculty at ASFDT.

Sameeksha Mukim
1st Year, B.Des, Fashion Design

Lubaina Surury
1st Year, B. Des, Fashion Communication
Shalini Mohanty
Assistant Professor, ASFDT

Pravara Kanekar
1st Year, B.Des, Fashion Communication