Shopping – Impulsive OR Intentional!

The designs, the colours, the textures, ah! Human psychology compels us to buy items due to their appealing nature. Though many people are passionate shoppers, claiming that they are ‘obsessed’ is quite another ball game.
Shopping is an everyday activity until it becomes addictive. A portmanteau derived from shop + alcoholic, ‘shopaholics,’ are two kinds. The people concerned with festooning a fashionable aura around themselves while keeping (or trying to keep) a check on their finances is of a positive type.

What on earth could be the other then? You guessed it!

A other type looks for excuses to splurge on unnecessary products they probably never touch. They ultimately end up feeling guilty but cannot control themselves easily.


Some triggers provoke the buyer into purchasing unnecessary products. When items – however unnecessary – are affordable, a rush of anxiety kicks in, thus influencing the buyer to make that purchase quickly. Sales and flea markets prey on this vulnerability. Buyers are urged to make impulsive decisions, compounded when one is a shopaholic. Another such trigger is clutter: it is easy for shopaholics to go out and buy clothes compared to spending hours decluttering and organising what they already have. Impulsive shopping is not safe: it increases troubles like monetary concerns and mental stress.


On the other hand, intentional shopping is being able to control your expenditure by spending within your means. Cut your coat according to your cloth: this proverb is true indeed. Even if we are clumsy in a few instances in our lives, we go on working in specific ways – with routines, schedules and other structures – organizing our way through it all. It serves a profound purpose: to be under self-supervision and resist addictive activities (like excessive shopping). There is no negativity in intentional shopping. These shoppers find healthy ways to properly dispose of clothes (after their intense use). It is widely considered that a simple life devoid of clutter and excess is a genuinely wonderful life.

Intentional versus Impulsive: there is a fine line between these terms and, what’s more, a tough one to balance. You may not even realize you are addicted before you are overwhelmed with baggage (both physical and mental!) to get rid of. On which side of this precarious line do you fall?

Humpy Adepu
2nd Year, B. Des. Fashion Design
Atash Coyaji
2nd Year, B. Des. Textile & Product Design

Lubaina Surury
2nd Year, B. Des. Fashion Communication
Shalini Mohanty
Assistant Professor, ASFDT

Pravara Kanekar
2nd Year, B. Des. Fashion Communication


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