A Digitally Savvy Fashion School at Amity

At Amity University Mumbai, we have a whole arena of opportunities to broaden our horizons and develop our skills by meeting new people, new challenges, making use of the huge range of clubs and activities, minor tracks, and foreign languages offered. Interested may take part in their course overseas and come back with an enriched vision of the world. We can utilize the exposure to lead an informed life ahead.

Amity School of Fashion Design & Technology (ASFDT) at Amity University Mumbai houses hundreds of students from across the country and abroad every year. It primarily focuses on creating an environment that fosters competitiveness, creative thinking, innovation, problem-solving, and leadership that encourages working on innovative projects in order to promote holistic personality development.

Students at ASFDT, Amity University Mumbai

The outbreak of Covid-19 has however made its catastrophic disruption to colleges and universities across the world and made the education system bend to the unconventional mode of teaching; from in-person classes to the online mode.

But, our University adapted to this change within the blink of an eye, smoothly transitioning from physical classroom experience to virtual mode. The lectures shifted from labs to online hands-on demos, presentations and interactive sessions to put in the essence of in-person classes. We were given tasks to be done in groups for better communication and interaction. Although this was difficult at first, our faculties and management helped us adapt to the changes – and it turned out pretty well!

Online lectures, ASFDT, Amity University Mumbai

We get to operate our CAD labs from home, practice and implement easily via recorded lectures and clear out doubts easily through interactive sessions and active faculties online. This also presented us with opportunities to connect better virtually through online discussion forums, quizzes, digital labs, reports and feedback, workshops, and more and not just in Mumbai but across the country and even overseas.

Our faculty members have been the backbone of this the whole time. They reinvented the process of learning virtually with ease, comfort, and constant kind guidance, while juggling with the challenging demands of their personal and professional lives at the same time, constantly ensuring that students are staying healthy and safe. We are extremely grateful to have them guide us through this transition, going above their call of duty and greeting us with a smile every morning.

Modes of learning have changes worldwide, and it is indeed a big deal; but to shift from one mode to another, together and smoothly is a big deal too and that counts for something. As rightly said by Albert Einstein – “In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.”

Anshika Sharma
3rd Year, B.Des. Fashion Styling and Image Design

Lubaina Surury
2nd Year, B. Des. Fashion Communication
Shalini Mohanty
Assistant Professor, ASFDT

Lubaina Surury
2nd Year, B. Des. Fashion Communication


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