Are Your Fashion Choices Green Enough?

Fashion is strongly intertwined with the environment. From a conceptual standpoint, consumers adopt the latest trends according to the fashion ‘season’ which follows the natural seasons. Another link (between fashion and the environment) is a physical one: the very materials used to construct garments. Even if the garments are constructed using synthetic fibres, their usage and disposal ultimately affects the world we live in.

As an environmental concern, Fashion must be an eco-friendly concept. This industry contributes 10% of global carbon emissions annually (more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined) making it extremely polluting. The eco-friendlier our wardrobe, the better it is for the environment.

Sustainable Fashion involves production, distribution and use of garments that are environmentally friendly. Adopting this will certainly contribute positively to the quality of our surroundings. These practices avoid using materials that contain harmful chemicals and reduce water consumption as well as waste production.

LENZINGTM ECOVERO TM is a sustainable fibre brand for apparel. Their branded viscose fibres (viscose: a polymer similar to rayon) are made from sustainable wood and pulp. They also have efficient water utilisation rates. Water used to produce a 150 gram t-shirt is 12.5 litres lesser than generic viscose and 210 litres lesser than conventional cotton. Reduced carbon emission is a splendid bonus. This wonderful production has been awarded the EU Ecolabel: it has met high environmental standards. Another brilliant feature is that these fibres biodegrade in three months only.

Fashion can influence our personality. It can help define our character, mindset, habits and so on. Go through your wardrobe: what are all the garments you have? Are you working towards keeping your wardrobe as sustainable as you can? Are your fashion choices green enough?

Nithuna Suresh K
2nd Year, B.des, Fashion Design
Atash Coyaji
1st Year, B.des, Textile Product Design

Prarthana Kapadia
4th Year, B. Des. Fashion Design
Shalini Mohanty
Assistant Professor, ASFDT

Pravara Kanekar
1st Year,, Fashion Communication.


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