Midi-Skirts & Boots – Never Outta Style

Midi-skirt with boots- a combination anyone would love to wear. Flared midi-skirts when worn with ankle boots give out a whole ‘retro yet trendy‘ look. What sets apart the midi-skirts from all other skirts is the style and the length of it which ends right at the wildest part of your leg; the mid-calf, giving the illusion that your calf thicker than it really is. Similarly ankle boots cover the thinnest part of our legs that is the ankle. Some may say that styling Midi-skirts with ankle boots maybe risky but if done well and carried with confidence, it surely is a feast.

Sometimes it may be recommended to wear neutral/nude coloured boots that go with skin colour of the wearer and create an illusion of elongated legs rather than the regular dark coloured boots that give away a stumpy look. Unlike this, many stylists or fashion influencers over Instagram, YouTube or blogs style dark coloured boots with solid pastel or neon, flared midi-skirts or even with retro printed midi-skirts aiming for a grunge look.

Thus, depending on the wearer and how well they style and carry an outfit, midi-skirts and boots together are a combination that never go out of style.

Artha Thakur
3rd Year, B. Des. Fashion Design

Prarthana Kapadia
4th Year, B. Des. Fashion Design
Shalini Mohanty
Assistant Professor, ASFDT

Graphic Designer:
Prarthana Kapadia
4th Year, B. Des. Fashion Design


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