Happy World Fashion Day 2020

School of Fashion Design & Technology ay Amity University Mumbai celebrated the fashion and design industry on the World Fashion Day on the designated day; 21st August 2020.

Though this year the pandemic has altered the complexion of buying, selling, production and supply of fashion products, yet, we are privileged to be a part of an industry that rises to all occasions and situations. So aptly enough, the theme chosen by the School for this year World fashion day was #RiseAgain.

The last two times there was a shift in fashion and the way we shopped was after the first and then second world war. The current pandemic will be the third largest influence on fashion.

Some of the predictable changes that will emerge are:

  • New Shopping patterns will emerge. More brands will go on-line, e-commerce wave and live-streaming will merge making on-line shopping interactive, experiential and in real-time. At Milan Fashion week, Armani also chose to live stream his new collection
  • AI & Tech will make stores go smart and computers and Apps will replace shop-floor in-store assistants.
  • Local will rule, since imports have been hit. Local designers, brands and even tailors will be endorsed. A much-needed boost to homespun, small, medium, new and large Indian brands will happen. Indian fabrics will be sought after.
  • Luxury brands are bound to slow down on their new launches. With decrease in prices hi-street brands may become more affordable to the masses.
  • People will go back to wearing fuss-free, germ-free and durable clothes. Recycling will be fashionable. So, for new looks, mix, match and re-use will be the mantra.
  • Healthcare will beat cosmetics and wellness will be the new buzzword.

With that said, and understood we still stand by the belief that the revival of the fashion industry to its full glory will come soon. The fashion & design industry is known to be the most dynamic and agile industry, that comes together as one conglomerate to beat all crisis.

Chanel has contributed its services by moving to production of production of masks and PPE gowns. Armani is making surgical overalls. Prada is making facial covers and…… H&M is making PPE for hospitals in Europe.

India too has created a new industry worth almost 10,000 crores in the last few months. Its making approx. 4.5 lakh PPE kits/day and has become the II largest manufacturer of PPE kits.

On that happy note, I wish you all a very happy, aesthetic and happening World Fashion Day 2020.

A lot of your fashion is at home, in your wardrobes, on-line and perhaps old storages.
So, stay home, stay safe, put together aesthetically existing items (clothes & accessories) and create new looks!!!

Prof (Dr) Bhawana Chanana with Team ASFDT, Mumbai.

Shalini Mohanty
Assistant Professor, ASFDT

Graphic Designer:
Prarthana Kapadia
4th Year, B. Des. Fashion Design


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