“Whoever said Money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping” – A Shopaholic’s Confession

My name is Prarthana and I have a problem. Actually I have 268 problems and if you count the three pairs of shoes at my aunt’s house and all the clothes my friends probably have, I would break 300.

I like clothes. I like shoes. I love the excitement of buying something new and the anticipation of wearing it. I like how my newly bought things smell like pure bliss. I love how beautiful things look when they are presented on the display and I love the feeling after knowing that I can afford that and later add it to my nearly overflowing closet.

There are certain instances where I do know when and where to spend my money but that never means that I don’t have the tiny tingle or urge inside of me to go and buy the thing I’ve been eyeing secretly. But, I tell myself what Rebecca Bloomwood kept telling herself – “Do I really need this ?” And I hope to convince myself to not buy whatsoever the item is, which apparently was something Rebecca wasn’t very good at ( seriously! If you don’t know Rebecca Bloomwood please do yourself a favour and go watch ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ ).

So what is it that makes me and a million others want to buy things off the rack even though most of the time we may not even need them ? 

“Luxury” traditionally is linked to excess and ostentatiousness. But forget the terms of the past, we now live in a society that appeals to the senses. Luxury nowadays is“being” instead of “having”. Materialistic objects lose their senses if they are coupled only with the desire of having.

Correct marketing is very essential in luxury fashion, which must attract a customer not just for a top quality and wonder of the thing , but also to an environment that a particular brand conveys.

Making the consumer feel attracted to the brand environment as well as desiring to be part of a certain “club”is the magic ingredient.

Champagnes, biscuits and other goodies, good music, a pleasing smell, soft fabrics and well-dressed staff are very strong tools to attract new customers and to retain the loyal ones.

Hence, our “inside voices” keep telling us to go there over and over again ‘cause they said, “mam this dress fits you as if it were made for you and it enhances your aura and it doesn’t just make you look like a queen but also, feel like one.” And from that part to the part where you swipe your card all you can think about is ‘I look like a Queen’, now tell me who wouldn’t like to look like one?

Prarthana Kapadia
4th Year, Fashion Design

Prarthana Kapadia
3rd Year, Fashion Design
Shalini Mohanty
Assistant Professor, ASFDT

Graphic Designer:
Rutuja Konde
4th Year, Fashion Design


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