Flashback Friday: Some of our favourites from The New York Fashion Week

Christopher John Rogers

His work is dramatic, stunning and sensational. His work is defined by neon colors, voluminous skirts, broad shoulders, sparkles and sky-high heels. The colours used were bright: orange, safety green and fuchsia. Suits were embellished with Swarovski crystals. Evening gowns were long and voluminous. He brought back the strawberry shaped waist, which reappeared on the runway in violet, the French cinematic clowns with ruffled necklines. As for new inspirations, he cited trash bags, he says that a curtain brushing the floor in a Renaissance painting has the same energy as a crumpled garbage bag. Rogers’s creativity has come of age at a time of gender fluidity and personal declarations of fabulousness.

NYFW 2020 – Cristopher John Rogers

Brandon Maxwell

Brandon Maxwell shows are typically pretty boisterous affairs. This time out, the neutrals felt like an afterthought, with bold shades of pink, red and orange playing the starring roles, and a kicky lipstick print doing a showy cameo. While it felt more subdued than some of his previous work, by bringing back the simplest elements like neutral, monotone color palettes on slinky shapes with his sharp tailoring skills. Flowing chiffon capes cut away to reveal low-cut pants, while a shrunken leather jacket hit just right at the hips. The emphasis was on fabrication with some very showy materials, such as a liquid-looking tortoiseshell, but mainstays were textiles with a strong sense of hand, like the suede, velvety corduroy, dense alpaca, and buttery cashmere.

NYFW 2020 – Brandon Maxwell

Fe Noel

Felisha Noel, who is a Grenadian Brooklyn based designer and owner of the line has created a much-deserved buzz in the industry and it continues to pay homage to the black experience in West Indian/African countries through its colourful pieces. The show started with a celebratory spirit that lived in the room that not many shows have. From the signature Fe Noel wide-leg pants adorned with colorful stripes to plaid co-ordinates and romantic silk dresses, the entire collection was art. It was colorful, feminine, and expressive. The robes in the collection were vibrant, with printed patterns that left you eager to visit the islands. There were dreamy sheer fabrics, mint plaids, and vibrant reds that all paid homage to Noel’s roots. Just by seeing the clothes and its craftsmanship, one could understand how proud she was of her ancestry through the designs. 

NYFW 2020 – Fe Noel

Prabal Gurung

The Nepalese-American fashion designer Prabal Gurung launched his line in 2009 at New York Fashion Week. The designer’s line is now sold in over twenty countries, is featured in fashion’s top publications and is regularly worn by those in the public eye. Gurung has focused on politics as the center of his shows since President Trump took office. The show opened with a white tuxedo with black revers and stripes down the legs. The tux established the formal mood, but from there he roamed widely, touching on knit dressing, a colorful floral print on silk jacquard, and voluminous going-out tops worn with trousers. Feathers took a lead role and crystals played the costar. It’s always exciting to witness a designer breaking with his formula.

NYFW 2020 – Prabal Gurung

Dona Ajay
2nd Year, Fashion Design

Prarthana Kapadia
3rd Year, Fashion Design
Shalini Mohanty
Assistant Professor, ASFDT

Mansi Lohar
3rd Year, Fashion Design


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