Amity Students : Re-describing Textile & Household Fabric Waste Sustainably.

चिंदी written in Devanagari script stands for small bits of fabric, encountered either as textile waste or more commonly residue of fabrics from household use. That was exactly the inspiration for the designer to make the most out of a huge number of waste fabric pieces that go to the dumpster. Chindi means a labour of love. Combining the passion for knitting, braiding, crocheting and recycling together for fashion was the designer’s main aim. The art of Chindi was born to promote rural handicrafts and not simply something our grandmothers once did.

Sejal Thakur showcasing her collection Punarkala

I presented the collection at Bombay times fashion week name Punarkala the labour of love on 13th of March 2020. I walked the ramp as my name was called out “ Sejal Thakurr” designer but the collection was devoted to all the women sitting in rural Maharashtra, who helped me from stage one. The point was not exclusively to create just any other collection that would have looked pretty or beautiful on the ramp, however it was to help ladies in rural Maharashtra by generating a source of income for them.

Designer – Sejal Thakur

The collection was a resort wear collection with Chindi fabric that was created from scratch as well as bright hand spun Khadi fabric. It communicated something specific that you can look in vogue and still have fun with your garments while being fashionably responsible. The collection of two skirts, top coordinates, one dress, one pant and top along with the showstopper cape all have just one thrust – the unification of tradition and modernity.

Sejal Thakur
4th Year, Fashion Design

Muskan Syed
1st Year, Fashion Design

Prarthana Kapadia
3rd Year, Fashion Design
Shalini Mohanty
Assistant Professor, ASFDT

Graphic Designer:
Abhirami Vishnu
2nd Year, Textile Design
Prarthana Kapadia
3rd Year, Fashion Design

Photo credits:
Sejal Thakur
4th Year, Fashion Design

Special thanks to:
Sushrut Koche
Photography Team,
Amity University Mumbai.


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