Amity Students : Reframing Jamdani

A walk down the memory lane is always a refreshing and an enriching experience. The collection Nishabdh by Amit Shil set forth an extravagant form of aesthetic fondness. Jamdani is a special woven fabric in cotton. The weave done by loom on brocade is a time-consuming process and is a blend of figures and floral motifs. It’s origin is from one of ancient textile weaving centers in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The designer showed personal interest in the construction of the fabric and thus, visited the spot where Jamdani is manufactured in Kolkata, West Bengal. He had the luxury of getting the basic weaving knowledge about the fabric in a more technical aspect, thus enhancing his interest in designing garments using the Jamdani fabric.

The colour white was chosen as a sign of elegance, sophistication and luxury along with a sense of power and confidence. The colour brings out the beautiful weave of the fabric as well as the classy silhouettes bringing forth a priceless look over all

According to me, ‘inspiration is something that comes from the within and from the moments we have lived,’ and I have spent most of my childhood seeing my mother wear Jamdani sarees and tell me about how elegant yet comfortable they were. My collection Nishabdh is a contemporary variant of the time-old classics. The blazers are classic silhouettes and so is the fabric of Jamdani. This combination speaks for itself as a face of ‘Powerful Elegance’.

Designer Amit Shil

The Oversized yet structural silhouettes and overemphasized sleeves pushed boundaries of accepted style by giving a powerful yet elegant appearance. The collection is presented with a combination of an oversized blazer with edgy cuts and with a very delicate fabric such as Jamdani. He intends to show everyone about how elegance is not just an abstraction.

Sthuthya Shaminder
3rd Year, Fashion Design

Prarthana Kapadia
3rd Year, Fashion Design
Shalini Mohanty
Assistant Professor, ASFDT

Graphic Designer:
Snehal Gaikar
3rd Year, Fashion Design
Prarthana Kapadia
3rd Year, Fashion Design

Andrew Joseph
2nd Year, Masters in Fashion Technology
Sushrut Koche
Photography Team,
Amity University Mumbai.

Special thanks to:
Tanveer Khan Photography.


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