Amity School of Fashion Design & Technology Shines at Bombay Times Fashion Week 2020

Bombay Times Fashion Week ( BTFW ) is one of the country’s most coveted and star-studded fashion weeks. Designers have their hearts to showcase their collections in BTFW. It was a glorious moment for the students of Amity School of Fashion Design & Technology, Mumbai, to display their innovations in BTFW 2020 and get a delightful exposure.

Amity School of Fashion Design & Technology has always believed in doing fashion with a soul. The collection titled ‘Pratha’, stemmed from the fashion school’s initiative of reviving India’s cultural ethos and bringing it on the forefront of fashion. The collection was about India and how the people of the nation are still striving to keep their roots alive when it comes to traditions. Innovative designs and chic outfits were showcased by the students in four different sets.


The first collection by Aksshaya Venkat, titled ‘Chitra Varnan’, Greek-o-Bohemian, was about hand painted Kalamkari of the South inspired from the tree of life. The garments were in connection with demure leather weaving, silk and laser cutting and Greco-Bohemian statement.

Designer – Aksshaya Venkat

‘Kashish’, a collection filled with embroidered Chikankari of the North and printed Ajrak of the West, by Ankita Agarwal and Divya Karan, brought a strong attraction of visually striking colours and lightly sewn threads. They showcased modern cuts in high street ensembles with the combination of two stalwart traditional handicrafts. Mint green, maroon and indigo colours seized the attention of the spectators.

A playful and colourful atmosphere was created by Sejal Thakur with her collection, ‘Punar-Kala,’ a structured elite resort wear unleashing the sustainable handicraft of recycled textiles called Chindi. The collection was dedicated to the native artisans of Maharashtra. The leftovers fabrics were cut into strips, skilfully braided, knotted, crocheted, shaped and finally stitched together to form garments for the collection.

‘Nishabd,’ an incredible collection by Amit Shil, depicted simplicity and strength possessed by females using over-sized structural silhouettes with 3D pleated drapes. Oversized Avant-Garde androgynous ensembles in the finest fulwar jamdani with 3D Kirigami pleats in accordion pattern had a zen appeal and created a bold and emphatic style. The structured silhouettes, over-emphasized sleeves pushed boundaries of accepted style. Each model graced the ramp with elegance and power, thus making it a truly wonderful collection.

Designer – Amit Shil with his Jamdani Collection.

All the designers dedicated their precious time and effort in creating the collection, Pratha, and the support of numerous students and faculty members helped in making it a successful story for Amity School of Fashion Design & Technology.

Sthuthya Shaminder 
3rd Year, Fashion Design

Ruhi Kapoor
3rd Year, Fashion Design
Shalini Mohanty
Assistant Professor, ASFDT

Graphic Designer:
Aditi Gupta
2nd Year, Fashion Design
Prarthana Kapadia
3rd Year, Fashion Design

Photography Team,
Amity University Mumbai

Special Thanks:
Tanveer Khan Photography.


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