Here Is How Every Brand Is Making Money Out Of NASA

Fashion influences and is influenced by almost everything on this planet, and sometimes even beyond this planet – the space.

When we talk about space, one of the first things that comes to our mind is the biggest space research centre in the world, National Aeronautics and Space Research Administration (NASA).

Not only is it known for conquering and accumulating data from the outside the realms of this planet but recently, it has been conquering the fashion industry as well. From rockets to jackets, the NASA logo is everywhere – the ‘NASA’ one written over a blue globe and also the acronym with an undulating typography. From Heron Preston’s techpants to Vans ‘Space Voyager’, from H&M to Puma or Nike, its logos seems to be omnipresent.

Source: by Jonas Svidras

The reason why NASA attracts so many designers and brands is because of the internal ethics of the organization and the inspiration it serves to all. Stuart Vever, Coach’s creative director recently said that, “There’s something about the time of the space program that just gives the feeling of possibility”. It brings a nostalgic feeling. From the man’s first step on moon to setting up the International Space Station, NASA has played an important role in the greatest achievements of mankind. This ‘adds’ to the authenticity of a design. This is what makes a garment so special with just a simple logo on it.

Nasa, Usa, Kennedy Space Center

Quoting one of the communication officers, “The company does not make any discrimination with respect to which company can use its logo and which cannot. Everyone from Walmart to H&M to Heron Preston to Vans and so on can make a request to use the logo”. However, the officers at NASA work with designers to ensure that their organisation’s identity is being used correctly.

And this is how everyone is making money using NASA’s logo except NASA itself. NASA is a government logo and the company makes no money when its logo is used. But what makes you buy some techpants for $1000 with just a logo on it? Food for thought, while you enjoy these stunning NASA collaborations with key brands in the last few years.

From the landing of Apollo 11 to the launch of Artemis, as the technology will advance further and NASA completes more of its missions and evolves in its success, the space program trend will be here to stay, in and out of the fashion industry.

Almost Anyone Can Use NASA’s Name and Logos, Just Don’t Call it a Collaboration — The Fashion Law. (2019). Retrieved 26 October 2019, from

Daksh Vohra
2nd Year, Textile Design

Rucha Verma
4th Year, Fashion Design
Shalini Mohanty
Assistant Professor, Fashion Design

Graphic Designers:
Sejal Thakur
4th Year, Fashion Design
Bhavya Thakur
4th Year, Fashion Design


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